Detailers of Las Vegas!




We have a combined 20 years of Detailing experience under one roof. We offer everything from Interior Detailing, Engine Detailing, Shampooing and Steam Cleaning, Pet Hair Removal, Spot and Stain removal, Scratch and Blemish Removal, Paint Chip Touch Up, Full Compounding and Polishing, Ceramic Coatings, Motorcycle Detailing, Boat Detailing, Wax, Sealants and more!



As a member, and Skills Validated Detailer of the IDA, we are dedicated to expanding our knowledge by attending trainings, seminars and trade shows all over the country for one reason, To provide the BEST possible Detailing experience in the Vegas valley!



If your'e looking for Personable, Friendly and Professional Detailers that will listen to your needs and design a custom detailing package for you then look no further! Justin and his crew are knowledgeable and as friendly as they come, after all they are from Charm City!!!



Our Shop

We have a 4500 sq ft facility located right next to McCarran airport. Complete with a 21’x16’ correction and coating tunnel, designed and built right here in our shop! We have an area for Window Tinting, Custom Wraps and PPF (Clear Bra).
Our shop is equipped with a 600 sq ft waiting room with FREE WIFI and phone charging ports.


True Detailing

Our clean but industrial look was not an accident! Black walls help our eyes focus on only the paint we are working without distracting our eyes with reflections. Those reflections will compete for your eyes attention and will pull focus away from defects and imperfections in the paint finish. Having all black walls help our eyes to see only the actual paintwork and not competing images from behind us! TRUE DETAILING!


full service

Whether you're looking for a full Concourse Level Detail, Biweekly Maintenance details, Paint Correction or Ceramic Coatings you're in the right place! Call us today to schedule a Personal Appointment! (702)-302-1800


Our mobile offerings

Too busy to come to us? Let our Mobile Detailing Van Come to YOU!

We provide Spot free, Hand Car Washes at your location with the same professional chemicals and tools we use in house!




This package includes one of our trained car care professionals coming to your location at your your pre-selected time! The vehicles interior gets blown out with compressed air, vacuumed, and wiped down. Next the exterior receives a foam hand wash. After being dried with forced air and microfiber towels the door jams are cleaned, windows inside and out are cleaned wheels are cleaned and tires are dressed.


Exterior detail lite starting at $150 for cars/ $175 for trucks

Our trained car care professional completes a full decontamination wash first utilizing a wax stripping shampoo. Next the vehicle is clayyed to remove any bonded environmental surface contaminants. Iron and Fallout remover is applied next to break down any industrial contaminants. The vehicle is fully washed again than dried. A 3 month rated paint sealant is applied and cured to form a good barrier between your paint and future contamination.

Paint Correction

Paint correction is the process in which we remove a fine layer of clearcoat to level scratches, swirls, blemishes, and oxidation. We have several levels of paint correction. All of our paint correction packages start with a full decontamination where we fully strip the paint of any old waxes and sealants. We clay the vehicle and use an iron remover which ensures the paint is surgically clean.

Evaluation is KEY! Some paints need a 2 step paint correction and some vehicles only require a single stage polish.


Paint Correction Prices

Starting @

Single Step Polish (Car/Truck/SUV)


Two Stage Polish (Car/Truck/SUV)


Triple Stage Paint Refinement

Includes Wetsanding (Car/Truck/SUV)



CS-II Las Vegas

Detailers of Las Vegas is Las Vegas' Number 1 CS-II & CeramicPro Certified Installer! 

Ceramic Coatings are Inorganic paint protection products that rise above traditional paint sealants by incorporating ceramic nanoparticles that bond with the paint surface and provide a very durable protective layer. There are consumer-grade ceramic coatings as well as professional-grade ceramic coatings. The differences between these two classifications of coatings are primarily difficulty of application and longevity of protection. Consumer-grade ceramic coatings are usually easier to apply but last shorter durations. Professional-grade ceramic coatings often require special equipment to apply but can last significantly longer. Consumer-grade coatings may last a year if done correctly. Our coatings can last up to ten years if properly cared for and some can eve SELF HEAL scratches with hot water or sunlight!!


More than a Protective Coating

CeramicPro keeps your car looking new ALL THE TIME! Whether its a leased daily driver, a lifted pickup or an exotic or luxury vehicle, we have a package to keep your vehicle looking its best always!